REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics New REBOL language Meta name revealed, website launched Thanks! I'm glad you like it, and you're right., Posted by: Kaj 19-Sep-2021/8:13:06-7:00 Does bind replace the word with a new word or change the existing word Most functions do not copy a value. In B: SECOND BLK, SECOND just uses the word instance there. It's the implicit SET in B: that copies it to an extra word instance. Or actually, internally, SECOND does return a copy as its function return value, but it doesn't matter until it's persisted by SET. It is only when the copy is stored in B that there is an opportunity for the local word properties to start to diverge afterwards., Posted by: Kaj 6-Sep-2021/10:45:48-7:00 What would you say about REBOL on Atari 2600? Thanks! Don't make a stranger of yourself. :-), Posted by: Kaj 18-Jun-2021/6:33:46-7:00 Format a number to two decimals It uses PAD: pad: func ["Convert to string and pad to specified width." item width [integer!] /with padding [char!] /left /right /local num? ][ ; FIXME: left-zero-padding of negative numbers, right-zero-padding of integers num?: number? item unless with [padding: either num? [#"0"] [#" "]] item: form item head insert/dup either any [all [num? not right] left] [item] [tail item] padding width - length? item ] , Posted by: Kaj 6-Jun-2021/7:23:31-7:00 Suppress security pop-ups Hello, I'm trying to lower the security level, so I do not get any security check pop-ups anymore. Specifically for printing a piece of text (to an actual printer). I did the following (in Windows 10): - Create a shortcut for C:\myscript.r, and then at the target field I wrote C:\myscript.r -s. This had no effect. - I added "secure none" in myscript.r, but that gave me two security pop-ups, one asking me if it's okay to lower the security level, and then the regular security pop-up. - I created a myscript.bat file with the following line: C:\rebol.exe -s C:\myscript.r. This initially removed the security pop-up, but it also opened a command window. Also when I click on a link in myscript.r, that launches another script, that other script still has the security pop-ups. Using the code "launch %/c/otherscript.r". I tried adding -s to this launch code, with no success. How would I be able to suppress all security check pop-ups, without creating a command window, and also being able to click on links within my script gui that launches other scripts, without security pop-ups? Thanks , Posted by: Jay 13-May-2021/17:33:05-7:00 How to release CPU memory from Rebol2 I don't remember it documented anywhere. I think I picked it up over the years by looking at code of others and wondering why on earth some people were setting values to NONE, seemingly without reason. :-) I spent a lot of time thinking about how REBOL must work internally, to have a way to reason about these things. Good luck!, Posted by: Kaj 13-May-2021/16:17:18-7:00 REBOL with Oracle 19c We're currently looking at setting SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION=11 in DB. But we must first make sure this will not impact with current application being run., Posted by: Hugo 17-Feb-2021/4:03:57-8:00 Saphirion's R3 In REBOL 2 there was this system thing called svv/vid-styles that could be accessed to get the names of all the graphic things that could be put on windows, with the code for each. Does a similar thing exist in R3? Or, is there some documentation for all the styles available in R3? Thank you. , Posted by: Steven White 29-Jan-2021/12:20:34-8:00 R3-ANDROID @Nick: Can you also provide a link to Saphirion's R3 for Windows ? This link ( ) is broken. , Posted by: lm 8-Jan-2021/4:41:09-8:00 S3 bucket up/download Hi, Anyone know where I can find Rebol script example code to use S3 bucket? , Posted by: Daniel 30-Dec-2020/4:19:10-8:00