REBOL Forum Recent REBOL Forum Topics AI and modern tools Try it as a hosted model: Interesting that Red is listed as a supported language, and it does appear to know at least a bit about writing Red code (Rebol is not in the list of supported languages):, Posted by: Nick 19-Jun-2024/8:09:07-7:00 New Meta language released for Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD & OpenBSD That would be great!, Posted by: Kaj 15-Jun-2024/10:40:02-7:00 Documentation for using Meta programming language Thanks!, Posted by: Samthe Truck 16-May-2024/1:35:16-7:00 Unique PC ID ... forgot to insert the word 'copy'. I keep getting caught in this :) ai: func [request] [ return read/custom reduce ['post append copy "q=" request]], Posted by: Sergey_Vl 12-May-2024/7:25:08-7:00 First graphics & sound demo in Meta, for Atari 8-bit Thanks!, Posted by: Kaj 11-May-2024/20:59:04-7:00 REBOL dialect Meta on Bluesky social network I just joined. Seems like Mastodon. Cool stuff!, Posted by: dislux-hapfyl 11-May-2024/6:50:28-7:00 What I'm using now instead of Rebol Forget bootstrapping compilers - this is now the bar that every programming language must pass to be considered legit., Posted by: Nick 6-Apr-2024/9:48:20-7:00 REBOL dialect Meta available for ARM, mobile, mainframe, 32-bit and other alternative or older systems I've been away from the forum for a week, so just saw this. Sounds like a great choice - I'm looking forward to seeing it work on different platforms!, Posted by: Nick 14-Mar-2024/10:30:20-7:00 AltME chat replacement in REBOL and Meta launched The REBOL world on AltME has been down again for many months now. It doesn't seem to be coming back this time., Posted by: Kaj 6-Mar-2024/8:09:46-8:00 Trigger close event for Rebol Console I thought maybe something like: insert-event-func[e: :event if e/type = 'close [flash "Aaa!" wait 3 quit]] view layout[text "Abc"] ...only for the console window , Posted by: Sergey_Vl 27-Nov-2023/17:14:42-8:00