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Merchants' Village, Bingo, BJs Training ... any others?

Merchants' Village is now running on it's own and growing well, with more than 50,000 square feet rented to vendors. More than 12,000 sales transactions have been processed by REBOL so far :)
My fiance Corina decided to start a weekly bingo event at Merchants' Village. Commercial bingo boards cost $thousands, but aren't big enough to handle the size space she needed, so I wrote her a little REBOL bingo app (took less than an hour). We bought a 180" screen for $166 and use an inexpensive projector to handle the whole event: http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?script=bingo.r
For her day job, Corina manages Human Resources for 15 BJ's stores, and this week began using her Jeopardy program at http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?script=jeopardy.r to run training sessions in a fun way - the employees and her field support managers love it!
REBOL runs so many business operations in and around my life, and the solutions have always been so quick and easy to create :) Please feel free to share your stories about REBOL in corporate America (and elsewhere) too!

posted by:   Nick       12-Jan-2011/16:44:14-8:00