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2.7.8 released!

Rebol V2.7.8 released!

posted by:   Endo       3-Jan-2011/3:56:49-8:00

Fantastic way to start the new year :)

posted by:   Nick       3-Jan-2011/9:38:23-8:00

Harassed by the remors of not producing R3 stable release this year Carl publish a small update of rebol2 the deprecated and abandoned one ? the sacrified on the pinnacle of the mighty progress and impossible to maintain one ?
Hard is to tell what the evolution or even the main interrest of the 2.7.8 version are.
happy new year rebol world !!

posted by:   Shadwolf       4-Jan-2011/20:19:14-8:00

Wow, Shadwolf, what a way to read a bunch of unrelated nonsense into a release. The 2.7.8 release had nothing to do with R3, except for backported functions and options. Carl is not harassed by rumors.
R2 needed some native fixes and enhancements, particularly on Linux for applications like Cheyenne. There was also an SDK bug in 2.7.7, and a few other minor fixes needed. The rest was backported function and fixes for more future compatibility. It was a minor release, but an important one to many of those who use R2.

posted by:   BrianH       7-Jan-2011/18:45:38-8:00