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utf8 xml problem

i want to read a xml file that is in utf8. For that i use the tool rebelxml.r from rebol.org (because it's simple to use and i'm new to rebol). The problem is that umlauts like ä ö ü ß ... are not read proberly. It will only show something like: ü ä etc.
How could this be solved? Is that just a problem for rebelxml.r? If so, could someone tell me which method for reading xml files is reliable and suited for a rebol-beginner?

posted by:   vince     10-Dec-2010/6:13:12-8:00

Nick, could you post some pics from inside so we can get an idea how things are set up?

posted by:   Adrian     10-Dec-2010/9:09:42-8:00

Hmm, my previous post was somehow wrongly posted in this topic.

posted by:   Adrian     10-Dec-2010/9:11:53-8:00

It seems this forum is shifting thread numbers.
In REBOL 2, Unicode is not supported but only passed through, so it depends if UTF-8 works. Do you get the wrong output in the GUI? If you just read a file, process it, and write a file back, Unicode usually works.
If you don't need a GUI, it would be better to use REBOL 3, because it understands UTF-8.

posted by:   Kaj     10-Dec-2010/10:14:47-8:00

Thank you,
yes I do get the wrong output in the Console, but the problem is still there, when I write directly in a file.
Therefore I will try Rebol 3, but as a beginner it could be hard for me to find my way into it.
thanks anyhow!

posted by:   vince     13-Dec-2010/13:15:44-8:00

I am aware of the issue with responses occasionally appearing in incorrect topics. I'll fix it in the very near future (just need a few minutes...). I'll also add a permalink option, since links are currently shifting as new posts are added.

posted by:   Nick     11-Dec-2010/2:31:28-8:00

This forum's incorrect topic posting bug should be fixed now :)

posted by:   Nick     17-Dec-2010/2:20:52-8:00

Thank you Nick.

posted by:   DocKimbel     17-Dec-2010/8:46:39-8:00