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create Smtp Server rebol

possible to create a simple SMTP server rebol?
thank you

posted by:   james     7-Dec-2010/1:53:08-8:00

Certainly; there's one in the Cheyenne web server. I'm not sure if it can accept mail, but it's an MTA that can send mail, so in principle it should also be able to accept it.

posted by:   Kaj     7-Dec-2010/13:29:17-8:00

I wrote a grey listing SMTP daemon in 2005 as a service for Uniserve. So, yes, it's possible.

posted by:   Graham     7-Dec-2010/14:39:52-8:00

ok thank you, but I would like to create this server Rebol
in fact I know not too rebol to create an SMTP server
you can send me some code or explain?
thank you for having responded quickly
(Sorry for my English, I'm French)

posted by:   james     7-Dec-2010/17:03:42-8:00

here's the source. It uses Uniserve ... so dockimbel who wrote uniserve ( and lives in Paris ) might be able to help.

posted by:   Graham     7-Dec-2010/17:09:05-8:00

thank you Graham!
I'll test tomorrow in France it is 12 pm
I'll sleep:)
I live near Paris and 80 km
ps: for now I put in R099-Uniserve \ Services \ Smtpd.r
When I send a mail to smtp I receive an error message "domain facts rule"
I use one of my program with this rebol
system / schemes / esmtp / host: ""

posted by:   james     7-Dec-2010/18:03:55-8:00

James, this smtpd just receives mail ... it doesn't send it.
I'd suggest combining it with Cheyenne's send mail feature which was inspired by a smtp challenge script I wrote some years ago.

posted by:   Graham     7-Dec-2010/20:46-8:00

oh ok
I'll try this combination, I Informers if I succeeded.
big thank you graham

posted by:   james     8-Dec-2010/2:07:52-8:00