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simple question

I'm trying to write my first app in REBOL but are facing some trouble.
I'm doing a small game, and had a look at the examples at re-bol.com. However, they couldnt help me out with one fundamental problem, I can't seem to prevent my little "player" to run off the scene.
I'm trying by looking at the player/offset/1 to see if it's < 550. When it is, I set it to 550. Or at least I try, but REBOL prints out that it's a lot more and do not care at all about my conditions :(
Pygame seem so much simpler... since I know it ;)

posted by:   elwis     18-May-2010/14:18:41-7:00

ah, that little ugly piece of code seem to actually work, well then.. ;)
     box 0x0 #"l" [
        if (z/offset/1 <= 550)[
            print z/offset/1
            z/offset: z/offset + 10x0

posted by:   elwis     18-May-2010/14:34:32-7:00

Check out the textris program for an example of how to use the cursor keys to control movement. Also http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?script=async-get-keys.r

posted by:   Nick     18-May-2010/15:31:52-7:00

Here's another small example R2 game:
do http://www.rebol.com/scripts/pongo.r

posted by:   Carl     19-May-2010/20:15:52-7:00

That Pongo script is one of the best documented games available - a great tutorial all on it's own.

posted by:   Nick     24-May-2010/10:46:19-7:00

these games are also great.
I love the last one.

posted by:   Endo     24-May-2010/16:49:25-7:00

Great Games! Just spent 15 minutes playing gridlock. Now to get my kids playing them.

posted by:   Steve Oldner     25-May-2010/13:50:50-7:00