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I want to test the R3 GUI, but my r3-a110-3-1.exe can not load-gui, why?
Which r3 and gui version can work well and where to get it?

posted by:   limux       3-Dec-2010/10:16:09-8:00

load-gui will load an old version of the R3 GUI which is not compatible with current R3 builds.
The current version of the GUI is temporarily available here:

posted by:   Henrik       4-Dec-2010/5:26:05-8:00

do %r3-gui.r3 in r3-a110-3-1.exe will cause an error of {** access error: cannot open: shape reason: "module not found"}

posted by:   limux       4-Dec-2010/5:33:16-8:00

You are still running the core version of R3.
Try these:

posted by:   Henrik       4-Dec-2010/8:56:28-8:00

Yes, All of them are ready to work. Thank you!
In addition, A very simple question of "How to start a new line in r3 console without causing error?"

posted by:   limux       4-Dec-2010/9:26:17-8:00

If you are referring to inputting multiple lines of code in the console, that doesn't work yet and likely won't until the console gets revamped.

posted by:   Henrik       5-Dec-2010/2:57:02-8:00

@limux: if it is what you're trying to do, I suggest:
do read clipboard://
then you can execute your multi-line codes. or better put it in a function:
dc: does [do read clipboard://]
then type just dc.

posted by:   Endo       5-Dec-2010/7:01:13-8:00