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Cgi - check search term and redirect url

Hi all,
I want to use rebol cgi scripts and need to do the following:
1. Find out the search term and ip of incoming traffic to my website
2. Redirect shortened urls (own created ones) to a longer ugly url
3. How secure is the use of cgi script?
4. If security is bad, then how can it be improved?
5. Are https connections still working?

posted by:   petero     29-Nov-2021/1:25:13-8:00

That's all very doable, but it depends on your programming and your web server.

posted by:   Kaj     29-Nov-2021/7:30:09-8:00

You can do all of this using R2's Cheyenne but you need to put stunnel before the webserver to get https

posted by:   Graham     4-Dec-2021/11:58:35-8:00