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cheyenne failed

The Cheyenne start without any errors, and the ports 80 is listening, but when read http://localhost, the page not found. Please help!

posted by:   limux       17-Nov-2010/2:29:19-8:00

Did it work before or is this a first time setup?
Are you running on Linux? In that case, you probably need to run it as root.

posted by:   Henrik       17-Nov-2010/3:56:51-8:00

Turn off the firewall for testing.
Check the file permissions of www folder and files inside it.
Put a simple index.html file instead of .r file (if any)
And check the log files of cheyenne.

posted by:   Endo       17-Nov-2010/7:11:06-8:00

It never works well and I run it upon windows 7

posted by:   limux       17-Nov-2010/7:40:30-8:00

I use chrome to browse the cheyenne's default page. In IE it will display "Page not found", but in Chrome it will display other message seems that the cheyenne does not works well. Now It's ok, thanks!

posted by:   limux       17-Nov-2010/10:24:38-8:00

"Page not found" could mean that:
- you're asking for a resource that does not exists (requested file not in the folder)
- you've mis-configured or haven't configured at all Cheyenne's config file (httpd.cfg)
- you're running the binary only version and you're expecting it to server a non-existent default web site. (Download the source archive, it provides a default minimal web site for testing purpose)
In all above cases, Cheyenne hasn't "failed" AFAICT.

posted by:   DocKimbel       17-Nov-2010/11:29:10-8:00

Page not found means that Cheyenne is running otherwise you'd get a "could not connect" error message. check the logs to see what the 404 refers to.

posted by:   Graham       18-Nov-2010/3:30:34-8:00

It's my simplest index.html without any bytes mislead me. That index.html file size is zero. So IE and Chrome all display some error message. In fact, read http://localhost/ will return "", which means Cheyenne works. But I was mistakenly assumed that Cheyenne failed for the reason of IE or Chrome's display.

posted by:   limux       18-Nov-2010/6:11:17-8:00