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Sending email with gmail or some other method

We have a new ISP at home (fiber to the doorstep). With the previous ISP, we used the email client on our family imac and had to configure it with the server name at the ISP office, smtp.iphouse.com. That seems to be now we made the email connection from our computer to the internet. With REBOL, when I used it at home, I put that server name into the user.r file and REBOL was able to send email.
With our new ISP, they seem not to have that concept. They encourage us to us a gmail/yahoo/etc account for email so it is not tied to the ISP in any way. We do, and it works fine, but with no server name to put into the user.r file, I don't know how to send email from home through REBOL.
Does anyone know how to hook REBOL into gmail/yahoo/etc so I can get it to send email through that pathway?
Thank you.

posted by:   Steven White       2-Jan-2019/17:32:12-8:00

You could try Gmail's SMTP server, but Rebol 2's secure protocols are becoming increasingly dated:

posted by:   Chris       6-Jan-2019/10:25:56-8:00