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JSON endpoint into Rebol client app

I want to do following with JSON APIs:
1. Import csv file and ouput as Rebol JSON endpoints (served from Rebol). - query via url.
2. Read this JSON into tree structure on client side (tree elements need to be dragable into grid/table)
3. Any changes in grid element should requery JSON endpoint, update grid element and tree structure.
I was looking at rgchris's script examples for pointers.
Any help to get me going will be very welcome.

posted by:   Danie       30-Nov-2018/0:40:27-8:00

I know nothing about JSON, but, I did once have to read a file in that format and was able to do it with a script from the rebol.org script library.

posted by:   Steven White       30-Nov-2018/10:28:44-8:00

Would have to ruminate on the exact nature of your problem, but AltJSON (http://reb4.me/r/altjson) should fit your needs for reading/writing JSON. (also have a Red and Ren-C version here: https://github.com/rgchris/Scripts)
Do you have any sample code for what you've been trying?

posted by:   Chris       30-Nov-2018/12:49:19-8:00

Hi Chris,
I want to replicate the following concept:
But as a desktop version in rebol/red (expandable) and perhaps implement your Quartermaster framework on the client side.
My knowledge of MVC framework concepts is limited.
Any help will be appreciated to get me going. I'll even pay a bounty for a basic working version.

posted by:   Danie       19-Dec-2018/1:10:01-8:00

Perhaps not QM, but you could take a look at HTTPd--it's a fairly elementary web server that is reasonably straightforward to work with. Here's a basic setup that will take a request for data and respond. (HTTPd is somewhat experimental).
Let me know if that works and see if we can add to it a bit.

posted by:   Chris       19-Dec-2018/17:34:45-8:00