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pb with ftp

I'm trying to connect to a ftp with :
p: open ftp://myuser:mypwd@myserver
The particularity is that myuser contains an @
When I try to do
p: open ftp://myserver
I have the following error :
** User Error: Server error: tcp 501 Use userID@destination.
Is there a solution ?

posted by:   nve       10-Nov-2010/10:59:04-8:00

These masiling lists threads may help:

posted by:   Sunanda       10-Nov-2010/11:46:17-8:00

Thx a lot.
I've found a solution.
system/schemes/ftp/user: [mylogin@witharobase]
read ftp://:mypassword@ftpserveur/
And it works...

posted by:   nve       10-Nov-2010/18:16:58-8:00