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Is there a cheatsheet to make VID faces act more like Win32 GUI elements?

I realize VID code is more generic by nature so it runs on multiple platforms. But, there are many tweaks needed to bring a Win32 experience to VID.
I have only been using Rebol less than a month but have read a lot from several informative web sites. Kudos to Nick for really sharing a ton of useful information and helping to keep Rebol going in his own way. Without all of his information and Steven's REBOLCOBOL page, I probably wouldn't still be here.
I'm really wanting to use Rebol but am having a hard time finding out how to tweak it to do things Win32 has been doing for a long time. Items like:
1) Text List - scroll with mouse wheel
2) Text List - press a letter to scroll to the first matching item.
3) Text List - select an item and do its action.
4) Area (text box) - set focus after a view is opened.
5) Area (text box) - change text font attributes after the layout is visible. [I currently save a variable in a config file then restart the app to use the new font settings. I find some faces are easy to change the font, for others, I haven't found the syntax or proper path.]
Does RebGUI have many of these tweaks built-in?
I've written a lot of apps in AuotHotkey which works fine but sets off more and more antivirus alarms since it's getting to be a more popular hacker tool. Rebol, Euphoria and some others are older and don't have that issue which is why I'm putting in a lot of time choosing another language to go with.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

posted by:   Michael Todd       7-Dec-2018/9:20:11-8:00

For the Text List, you could try List-View:
For the text area, you can do this to assign focus:
     view layout [
         text-thing: area 400x200 do [focus text-thing]
You can change the font on a face fairly easily:
     view layout [
         text-thing: area 400x200
         rotary "Georgia" "Helvetica" "Trebuchet MS" [
             set-font text-thing name value
             show text-thing

posted by:   Chris       7-Dec-2018/12:23:48-8:00

Ran across this:
Thanks for the compliment, by the way.

posted by:   Steven White       7-Dec-2018/15:09:44-8:00