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I was told in another thread that R3 has ODBC. Can anyone point me towards the doc for that? I'd gladly take ODBC in R2 as well...I assume they're compatible?

posted by:   R       23-Jul-2018/20:40:09-7:00

There's some testing going on in this thread https://forum.rebol.info/t/testing-odbc-branch/114/20

posted by:   Graham       23-Jul-2018/21:38:13-7:00

The ODBC extension has no "owner"--it was a rewrite of an R3-Alpha extension, and hasn't been integrated with any particular test structure. However, the code is actually fairly clear as things go...if you are interested in the direction of integrating C and Rebol it would be worth reading over it:
The extension it is based on aimed to be compatible with Rebol2:
But there wasn't much in the way of example applications. At the time of the port, I just worked up a small test:
But while having it around has been a useful way to flesh out the needs of an extension of the libRebol API, ODBC is not a pressing priority for the Ren-C branch at this time. The lack of continuous integration means it is likely to need some patching before it could be used at this moment. Which could be done, but there aren't really developer cycles to support "customers" once it was. Any user would have to be ready to get their hands dirty.
Hence if you are *not* interested in being involved with hacking on the code and improving it--and are asking purely as a user--your best option is probably to ask someone to give you a copy of the Rebol2 EXE that supports ODBC. Carl has said his intention is that it be made free, he just hasn't put it up on the website yet due to other priorities--so I doubt anyone would give you trouble about doing so.
Not to be discouraging--you are welcome to join in and start developing, and get all the fame and recognition involved with that. :-P Just want to be clear on expectations.

posted by:   Fork       24-Jul-2018/5:59:17-7:00

Thanks everyone for the excellent information. I'm more of an end user at the moment, but would like to contribute back at some point when life isn't so crazy.
I think I'll just have to wait until Carl releases it. Getting a copy from someone else sounds reasonable, but lawyers and corporate IT are anything but :).

posted by:   R       24-Jul-2018/7:17:01-7:00

Dear R,
First lesson in Rebol/Red land:
do not wait for others to get things done for you.
Take up the glove and just start, run into problems and others will chime in and help you solve them.
Life will always be crazy, you need to organize other stuff, train them to adapt to you being not available 100% of the time.

posted by:   iArnold       31-Jul-2018/16:59:39-7:00