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Normal way to compile a standalone executable in Rebol 2.

Hi there ,
i have read that RebolSDK is no longer available.
So my question is how to compile a rebol 2 script
to a .exe or a linux executable file ?
What are the tools ?

posted by:   Mennohexo       7-Jan-2018/12:56:25-8:00

You can still contact Carl to purchase a license. Best to probably contact Bo on AltME Rebol4 world or on facebook as he has regular contact with Carl.

posted by:   Graham       7-Jan-2018/14:08:22-8:00

Maybe http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?script=build-pack.r together with http://www.rebol.org/ml-display-thread.r?m=rmlXGYB
can help you

posted by:   sqlab       7-Jan-2018/15:50:09-8:00

or use any other packer (XpackerX)

posted by:   --       7-Jan-2018/15:57:17-8:00

Thank you for the information.
yes i will do that.

posted by:   Mennohexo       7-Jan-2018/17:02:31-8:00

If anyone is interested, Ren-C has a bit of work done on userspace encapping:
It's in its early stages and could use some help from motivated parties. But, anyway, point being is that it has been started and it's there.

posted by:   Fork       7-Jan-2018/17:03:45-8:00

I've always done this for in-house apps:
Honestly, I prefer to simply install Rebol and distribute the .r script files, for in-house apps.
If you want to distribute commercial R2 apps in which your code is protected better from prying eyes, you'll need to look at SFX packagers which provide better obfuscation.

posted by:   Nick       10-Jan-2018/11:47:45-8:00