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Cheat sheet for Rebol?

On the Rebol home page there's a quick reference card for R3 - would this be suitable for R2 as well?
On the subject of documentation, I ordered a copy of "Rebol: A programmer's guide" but I'm a little disappointed in it, I thought there would be more detail on the basics, although I'm sure it will come in handy when I get further along the learning curve.
I was happy to discover that Nick's tutorial is also available in hard copy from lulu.com, since I get tired reading masses of text from a screen, and with a hard copy it's easier to flip back and forth.

posted by:   Jules     26-Oct-2010/11:58:18-7:00

There is a word browser available in the REBOL 2 desktop, if you open it with "desktop" in the console, click the "local" text in the lower left corner if it hasn't already connected. Then go to Tools and start the Word Browser.

posted by:   Henrik     26-Oct-2010/14:46:41-7:00

Thanks! this is exactly what I was looking for.

posted by:   Jules     27-Oct-2010/3:08:36-7:00

Is it possible to download the script for the word browser? sometimes I want to use it when I'm offline.

posted by:   Jules     30-Oct-2010/8:41:38-7:00

Please ignore above post, I've got it. ;-)

posted by:   Jules     30-Oct-2010/9:11:07-7:00

Just in case anyone else wants it, there are 3 files required: word-browser.r, word-cats.r, and word-defs.r
I uploaded them to http://re-bol.com/word-browser.zip

posted by:   Nick     30-Oct-2010/17:06:48-7:00