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read from secure sites

apparently Rebol doesn't support newest tls secure protocol.
Is there a workaround ? I want to download a file (via a rebol script) from a tls 1.2 connection.

posted by:   lm       6-Nov-2017/6:37:26-8:00

The workaround is generally to use CALL, e.g. out to curl:
If you feel like getting involved in the development of userspace protocols as Rebol 3 code, that is a thing:
But the people who wrote that are gone, and no one is heavily involved with it. So it's kind of orphaned, though being kept working for the sake of having an interesting codebase to test with.

posted by:   Fork       6-Nov-2017/8:05:20-8:00

This is now a serious problem for me too. Many of the sites I use rebol for have upgraded to TLS 1.2 in the past few weeks. I used to be able to use Saphirion's Rebol for https.
This will become a deal-breaker for me with Redbol before long. Not sure if calling cURL is the way to go.

posted by:   Edoc       9-Nov-2017/13:47:32-8:00

I think Red support newest tls secure protocol.
- use Red
- or compile a Red script to generate executable; and then, you will use call in a Rebol script to call the executable

posted by:   JLM       14-Nov-2017/16:17:06-8:00