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posted by:   Kangaroo       3-Aug-2010/0:29:44-7:00

I've used the verion for Linux x86 - Fedora (Kernel 2.6). Some instructions are at http://re-bol.com/rebol.html#section-3 and http://re-bol.com/rebol_ubuntu1004.txt .

posted by:   Nick       3-Aug-2010/10:18:46-7:00

When I used REBOL in Ubuntu, I discovered that it needed to be run from Ubuntu's console command line, in order for REBOL's console to work properly. See the link above for instructions.

posted by:   Nick       3-Aug-2010/10:21:11-7:00

Here's the instructions..
To enable REBOL/View console support in Ubuntu Linux, follow these instructions:
     1. Download the tar.gz file for Linux x86 - Fedora (Kernel 2.6).
     2. Open with archive manager (default).
     3. Look in the rebol-276 folder (or whatever version you've downloaded).
     4. Select and extract the "rebview" file into Ubuntu's HOME directory (the parent of the Ubuntu folder in the file system, or /home/ubuntu/ at the command line). In some versions, the file name is "rebol" instead of "rebview".
     5. Open a terminal window (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)
     6. Type "./rebview" (without the quotes), or "./rebol", depending on the version you've downloaded.
On some versions of Linux, you may need to run "./rebview +i" to install the required libs. For Ubuntu 10.04 and some versions of REBOL, you may need to run the following on the command line: http://re-bol.com/rebol_ubuntu1004.txt.

posted by:   Yuri       1-Sep-2010/3:34:01-7:00

Unbelievable, no?
Package management anybody? Anybody at all?
As if.

posted by:   Yuri       1-Sep-2010/3:37:03-7:00

@Yuri: 1, 2, 3 and 4 are obvious don't you think?
Here is my list:
1) Just open a terminal and run Rebol.

posted by:   Endo       1-Sep-2010/7:30:57-7:00

MaxV created a package at http://www.maxvessi.net/rebol.deb

posted by:   Nick       2-Sep-2010/11:03:26-7:00

Yes, and now a better version with also man page is available at:

posted by:   MaxV       3-Sep-2010/12:05:19-7:00

Fantastic - installed directly from the link, console and GUIs work properly out of the box :)

posted by:   Nick       5-Sep-2010/6:56:05-7:00

I tested on Ubuntu 9.04 and 10.04 - works perfectly using the default package manager. Just go to the console and type "rebol" to start :) Thanks Max!

posted by:   Nick       7-Sep-2010/10:29:42-7:00

I've just installed rebol on Ubuntu and I'm wondering if it's possible to change the default fonts? (because they are very ugly.)
By the way, thanks Max for your deb package.

posted by:   Jules       14-Oct-2010/11:06:21-7:00

Cyphre created the following function years ago. Not sure if it still works:
set-default-font: func [
"sets default font for /View"
font-blk [block! word!] "block of font attributes"
system/standard/face/font: make system/standard/face/font font-blk
system/view/vid/vid-face/font: make system/view/vid/vid-face/font font-blk
foreach [w s] system/view/vid/vid-styles [s/font: make s/font font-blk]
set-default-font [
     name: "fixedsys" ;or your favorite font
you can also put into the block any of these standard font parameters:
     name: "arial"
     style: none
     size: 12
     color: 0.0.0
     offset: 2x2
     space: 0x0
     align: 'center
     valign: 'center
     shadow: none

posted by:   Nick       17-Oct-2010/9:01:37-7:00

Thanks Nick, it works fine. How do I make the change permanent? - Rebol reverts back to the default (ugly) font when I start a new session.
One other thing I've noticed is that when I enter text into the Rebol editor it's so small almost as to be almost unreadable, but there doesn't seem to be any way of changing the size.
Thanks very much for your help. BTW, I've started working through your tutorial and it's awesome!
I think I'm hooked on Rebol already.

posted by:   Jules       17-Oct-2010/14:05:59-7:00

Ok, added the script to "user.r" - problem solved.

posted by:   Jules       17-Oct-2010/15:39:32-7:00

Take a look at http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?script=editor-with-undo.r . It demonstrates how to makes changes to the built in REBOL text editor. The following section actually makes changes to the area widget in the editor:
{[tabs: 28 origin: 4x4] with [
         undo: []
         colors: [254.254.254 255.255.255]
You can change the font as desired:
     {[tabs: 28 origin: 4x4] with [
         undo: []
         colors: [254.254.254 255.255.255]
         font: [size: 28]

posted by:   Nick       17-Oct-2010/15:55:31-7:00

Excellent, Nick. Thanks again.

posted by:   Jules       18-Oct-2010/4:15:04-7:00