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programming newbie, need help

So I am trying to learn rebol3 and linux together at same time.
So far, I did ran rebol3 on terminal on ubuntu.
I am trying to follow up the old rebol guides, but it seems its written based on windows and old rebol version.
So, my question is how do I run multiple lines of codes through terminal? (to practice random coding examples that were shown on tutorials)
\ doesn't work once rebol is running
I feel like I need text app to write script and run on rebol 3, but I couldn't find any step by step guide.
Any helps will be appreciated.

posted by:   Han       8-Sep-2017/9:57:38-7:00

I don't know if ren-c has line continuations like rebol2. Best is to use an editor, copy it to the clipboard, and then evaluate the clipboard.
eg: do read clipboard://

posted by:   Graham       8-Sep-2017/22:54:25-7:00

There are line continuations in Ren-C.
The REPL is itself written in Rebol, and the way it works is to try and load the code...but if it gets an unmatched delimiter error that is the kind that indicates a match may come along later, it lets you keep typing:
The console is "skinnable" due to some work by @draegtun:
The Ren-C branch is under heavy development. R3-Alpha has no known active development.
Red has line continuations also, and is a good place to learn Rebol-like lore, as they have a lot of time for bringing new users up to speed on the language. :-P

posted by:   Fork       8-Sep-2017/23:37:41-7:00

Graham and Fork
Thank you for replies and helpful infos

posted by:   Han       14-Sep-2017/9:36:38-7:00