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Trying to get gmail functionality

I am new tp rebol.
I ran the special scrypts for smtp pop server for gmail.
I then tried the ssend command and got this error
Script Error: ssend has no value
This is my test command
ssend mygmailname@gmail.com "Hello ... test message"

posted by:   mark       2-Sep-2017/16:26:36-7:00

Okay got by first problem I syntax error should be send not ssend
Now I get this error
User Error: Server error: tcp 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. c193sm1
599739ioc.66 - gsmtp
** Near: insert smtp-port reduce [from reduce [addr] tmp]

posted by:   Mark       2-Sep-2017/16:34:18-7:00

Most likely you're using the wrong scripts.

posted by:   Graham       2-Sep-2017/19:28:56-7:00

Got it working now and it is ssend.

posted by:   Mark       2-Sep-2017/23:46:42-7:00