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We Are Rebol

Did the Beatles and Apple have a similar thing?

posted by:   Arthur       1-Aug-2017/1:44:38-7:00

Nice comparison ;-)
I hope for them they will stay in business as long and become as global as Apple, Rebol, the Beatles.
Only thing they have in common with Rebol is, like in the old REBOL name, all caps: http://www.wearerebol.com/rebol-life/

posted by:   Arnold       1-Aug-2017/2:22:12-7:00

Hi iArnold ,
probably they are able to promote my first book :
"The secret art of barbarian programming"

posted by:   Barbarian Programmer       1-Aug-2017/8:39:17-7:00

hi iArnold ,
are you out of your mind ?
no , but i take programmers jokes to the maximum level that is possible ?

posted by:   Barbarian Programmer       1-Aug-2017/9:49:36-7:00

For sure I am not. I like to think things around in the other way ('omdenken') and see where that leads. Say this restaurant will become a world success, then many more people will see hose odd unrelated tweets #rebol pass by, visiting real rebol sites, wonderin' if that really is a real programming language.
Unfortunately, Rebol is not a programming language.
It is a way of life.

posted by:   Arnold       1-Aug-2017/15:48:06-7:00

R E B O L []
; short mini language barbarian style
step: opposite: go: stop: backtrack: left: right: down: up: tostartpoint: 0
forever [
print "" print ""
print "go stop backtrack left right down up tostartpoint"
print "" print ""
print "Where would you go iArnold?"    
choice: input             print ""     print "^L"
if choice = "go"         [step: add step 1]
if choice = "stop"         [step: add step 0]
if choice = "backtrack"    [step: subtract step 1]
if choice = "left"         [left: add left 1]
if choice = "right"        [right: add right 1]
if choice = "down"         [down: add down 1]
if choice = "up"         [up: add up 1]
if choice = "tostartpoint" [step: opposite: go: stop: backtrack: left: right: down: up: 0]
prin step prin "line"     prin " "
prin left prin "left"     prin " "
prin right prin "right"    prin " "
prin down prin "landing" prin " "
prin up    prin "rising" prin " "
print ""    

posted by:   Barbarian Programmer       2-Aug-2017/14:04:50-7:00

Rebol is indeed a philosophy.    
"Most software systems have become needlessly complex. We rebel against that complexity, fighting it with the most powerful tool available, language itself." The first words of rebol.com
But maybe that's a heretical view in the IT industry. And the reason why enthusiastic industry acceptance has yet to happen. Programmers invest a lot learning both their complex languages and the IT trade. They build their lives around the model. Like most establishments, they probably weren't happy to see someone shaking their tree.
Fighting the establishment isn't always a good idea. There can be heavy casualties and long conflicts. Giving the establishment a powerful tool to make them more powerful is a better idea.
RE, for Relative Expression, might have been a better name than REBOL. No connotations to rub the establishment the wrong way. The common usage of re being: "about".
About what? Time to write and ease of coding, speed of deployment, less risk of errors, communicating with data, understanding code. Efficiency. A less antagonist philosophy working with the establishment instead of working against it.
REBOL is not a programming language in that it is certainly not a common, ordinary, programming language. In the right hands REBOL is very powerful, extremely efficient.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Corps_v_Apple_Computer for the new generation.

posted by:   Arthur       2-Aug-2017/20:00:51-7:00