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Drop Down into Field

I'm trying out the WWC gui and I really like it but I get stuck immediately when I try to do this. I am building a gui for a command line app. I need a field at the bottom to show the command line, I need drop down lists to select the command line options and they have to go into the command line field at the same spot each time a new option is selected. I just need a little help choosing the right selections in the WWC gui. First I select the drop down list box, then I must select an action, should I select "set-face field 1 source" or something else or do I have to create the "field 1" first??

posted by:   tyee       27-Jul-2017/23:32:55-7:00

If you provide some part of the code example you're trying to create, you're more likely for someone to be able to help.

posted by:   Nick       29-Jul-2017/22:02:11-7:00