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Encryption of smtp pop mail ?

Hi ,
i have seen a method of encryption smtp and email
data optional.
Why ?
The data is once encrypted because no server allows unencrypted data to pass.
ok. Some programmers try to maka smtp client and the result is that it doesnt work because unencrypted data isnt allowed.
Does the same thing counts on REBOL.
Are the smtp and pop schemes in use change encrypted data over the net ?
The same level as other email programs do ?

posted by:   Mennohexo     28-Jul-2017/6:21:11-7:00

Maybe things have changed, but the problem with email is that it wasn't encrypted and was bounced around the world in plain text so that anyone so inclined could read it.
It may be that a web based email remains secure from sender pc to server and then to the receiver pc. If the web based email uses the https protocol. But the email may be unencrypted on the server.
Then, any unencrypted email sent on to the client could be sent in the open where no web based https connection or other secure channel is used.    
That was once the problem with email. It wasn't secure, basically a bad idea considering the personal and confidential info routinely exchanged in email.
Even now, exchanging confidential info via email is difficult. One has to jump through a number of hoops and organise the other party to do the same.
C.S. once wrote that email was dead. I wish. Later he also mentioned Altme, a communication alternative, was going to use Port 80 to overcome the firewall issue. Don't know if it ever did though.
To ensure security, email & attachments would have to be encrypted by the sender and decrypted by the receiver.

posted by:   Bart     28-Jul-2017/19:33:41-7:00

There's an example of that here:

posted by:   Nick     29-Jul-2017/0:16:25-7:00

Thank you Nick.
Yes, that example i have seen.
Ok. Optional encryption is method for confidential    
I understand.

posted by:   Mennohexo     29-Jul-2017/13:13:43-7:00

Rebol can send and receive email using secure smtp and secure pop3. If you also want to encrypt the contents, you can do that, or use pgp. All of this can be automated.

posted by:   Graham     29-Jul-2017/20:54:38-7:00