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The introduction, examples, and docs for the Rebol App Builder are available at http://withoutwritingcode.com
There's a Reddit link if you'd like to help with a promotional upvote:

posted by:   Nick       28-Feb-2017/21:33:21-8:00

Hi Nick! I'm guessing you are awaiting some features in Red before you attempt to write a version of "WWC" for Red's GUI? The Red GUI is already far more impressive than the Rebol2 one on which it is modeled, but it is also incomplete in some features. Or maybe the I/O state of Red is the bigger problem? Or is there some other hindrance? I'm also generally interested your thoughts on what Red still needs before you see it as good enough to replace Rebol2 for simple business application development.

posted by:   stever       27-Jun-2017/19:27:18-7:00

Red's progress is great. My understanding is that it needs more fine grained network support, protocols, and I/O to do most of the things that I normally use Rebol for. And of course R2 still has a large history of existing public code which I'm sure Red will build up quickly. What I'm really excited about with Red is future platform support.

posted by:   Nick       27-Jun-2017/22:09:47-7:00

Is there a grid widget available in the Red GUI yet, support for web site CGI (or any web framework library work...), access to DLLs, etc.?

posted by:   Nick       28-Jun-2017/1:28:29-7:00

Email, sound, image processing, database support, encryption, libraries such as pdf-maker, makedoc, rebol/flash, CSV, etc.
The features, libraries, and existing code available in R2 are still very useful to me.

posted by:   Nick       28-Jun-2017/1:37:22-7:00

I do remember now that DLL access is available in Red. Maybe this could help bridge the gap, but one of Red's goals is to eliminate the need for all those 3rd party tools, to be easily portable and not reliant on such dependencies.

posted by:   Nick       28-Jun-2017/1:43:54-7:00

I haven't kept up as well as I should with the details of Red's progress (Red is very exciting, it's just that my current life priorities have shifted a bit).

posted by:   Nick       28-Jun-2017/10:12:41-7:00

Hello Nick ,
i have posted a message for your Youtube Guitar Video "Salil Crazy Train" !
You must login on youtube to see it.
Feel free to look at my Guitar Video too on youtube. The link in in the message.

posted by:   Mennohexo       1-Jul-2017/10:26-7:00

I recognized several pieces I haven't seen for years, starting with Carcassi #7 :) (I responded on Youtube, would prefer to keep this forum on topic)

posted by:   Nick       2-Jul-2017/5:25:57-7:00

Thanks for the thoughts. So you at least need the 0.7 release for complete I/O.... I'm such a fan of your "GUI" approach to teaching Rebol that I had hoped you could start with the tutorials before that. I will try to find out about the grid widget. I would think that would already have been completed as of 0.62 but I honestly don't know.

posted by:   stever       3-Jul-2017/22:33:32-7:00