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Display a image for a few seconds before the main window.

Hi there ,
i have a great GUI Ready and want to display
a image for about 4 seconds before the main Window
opens. Dont know how to unview.
Here is the code :
view center-face layout [ image load %hs_soft.gif ]
wait delay: 4
wait delay is working but only after manually closing the layout.
How to make the delay DURING the layout ?
After this the main layout should open !

posted by:   Mennohexo       28-Jun-2017/15:35:50-7:00

The best solution is to display only the image in the center screen for 4 seconds. Without a layout.
Then the GUI Window as layout should appear.
It's a LOGO Display. a little bit Show.

posted by:   Mennohexo       28-Jun-2017/16:30-7:00

Use the /NEW refinement on VIEW:
view/new center-face layout [ image load %hs_soft.gif ]
wait delay: 4

posted by:   Sunanda       28-Jun-2017/19:45:51-7:00

ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa.
Cool. That works.

posted by:   Mennohexo       29-Jun-2017/5:06:59-7:00

When i think of FACE ,
i remember Face-Man from the A-Team.
That's true anyway.

posted by:   Mennohexo       30-Jun-2017/15:37:27-7:00

You can also use 'flash, again, a few characters shorter:
flash [image logo.gif]
; do something
wait 4

posted by:   Nick       2-Jul-2017/5:28:54-7:00

Note that can also use the view/new technique to handle events and to perform other evaluations:
R E B O L []
view/new w: layout [
    btn "1" [face/text: 1 + (do face/text) show face]
forever [
    if not viewed? w [unview break] wait .1 show w

posted by:   Nick       2-Jul-2017/5:50:29-7:00