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Resize picture in R3

    how do I load, resize a picture in REBOL3 and display it ?

posted by:   Giuseppe Chillemi       6-May-2017/1:21:40-7:00

Drag the resizing edges and resize the image that way.

posted by:   Graham       8-May-2017/5:49:14-7:00

image [facets: [max-size: 50x20 min-size: 50x20]]

posted by:   Nick       11-May-2017/21:17:58-7:00

I have tried this way but does not work:
R E B O L [
one: load/type %1.jpg 'jpeg
view [image one [facets: [max-size: 50x20 min-size: 50x20]]]

posted by:   Giuseppe Chillemi       20-May-2017/3:09:43-7:00

I've actually only used this in a stylize block:
stylize [
     img: image [facets: [max-size: 50x20 min-size: 50x20]]

posted by:   Nick       20-May-2017/6:03:31-7:00

From the Catch Game example at http://learnrebol.com/rebol3_book.html

posted by:   Nick       20-May-2017/6:04:06-7:00

Any way to use it on the fly without Stylize ?

posted by:   Giuseppe Chillemi       23-Jun-2017/16:57:46-7:00