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Editor with REBOL syntax highligthning. Are there ones ?

Good morning data soldiers ,
are there recommendable Editors with syntax highlightning REBOL available ?

posted by:   Mennohexo       14-Jun-2017/10:51:31-7:00


posted by:   Nick       14-Jun-2017/12:06:24-7:00

Yeah cool.
Crimson Editor is still good.
I follow the steps on the webpage to configure.

posted by:   Mennohexo       14-Jun-2017/13:31:27-7:00

On Linux I use the Emacs editor and the rebol editing mode from here http://www.rebol.com/tools/rebol.el

posted by:   Jitu       14-Jun-2017/23:48:34-7:00

I use Programmer's Notepad:
It has a Rebol scheme available

posted by:   Sunanda       15-Jun-2017/8:09:27-7:00

I use vim because it is available on all the computers I use and I don't have to learn new stuff. It has some syntax highlighting that I can't say for sure is for REBOL syntax, but it is enough to be helpful.

posted by:   Steven White       15-Jun-2017/12:32:38-7:00