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Compiling a rebol saphiron script for Android on a windows computer ?

Hi ,
if you have a rebol saphiron script on a windows computer ready.
Is it possible to compile that script to a android file format ?
I don't think so.
Rebol android programming only works on android OS
where the saphiron file r3-droid.apk is installed.
.apk is the android file extension.
Am i right here with this standpoint ?

posted by:   Mennohexo       10-May-2017/9:32:04-7:00

Saphirion did create an apk creator for Android, but they never released it publicly. Android is the next platform on the list for Red, so I'm holding out to see how that progresses before investing more in R3.

posted by:   Nick       11-May-2017/20:48:23-7:00

We have Android builds for ren-c, and soon automated builds using Travis.

posted by:   Graham       11-May-2017/21:38:30-7:00

The start of the automated android builds

posted by:   Graham       11-May-2017/22:14:33-7:00

Interesting News.

posted by:   Mennohexo       18-May-2017/13:30:21-7:00