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New Short Examples Video

I finally had a bit of extra time to record a decent demonstration of the short Rebol examples:
Perhaps it's interesting enough to attract a few new eyeballs.

posted by:   Nick       13-Apr-2017/22:37:34-7:00

I made a short short version with 60 apps, in 500-some lines of code:
do http://re-bol.com/shorter_examples.r
I'm thinking of sponsoring a competition to see if anyone, anywhere, using any development tools can duplicate or come up with even a similar variety of examples that demonstrate more typical capabilities with such a small and productive code base (let alone a smaller runtime).

posted by:   Nick       17-Apr-2017/21:52:07-7:00

As far as I know, only users of K language may be able to do something better/similar and with a smaller runtime environment (but K is ridiculous to read).

posted by:   Nick       17-Apr-2017/21:54:18-7:00

A video run-thru of http://re-bol.com/shorter_examples.r is available at https://youtu.be/D50XULVZaYY

posted by:   Nick       18-Apr-2017/21:59:40-7:00

The current incarnation of http://re-bol.com/shorter_examples.r is 54 apps, 440 lines of actual code. A version in which every lone ending bracket is moved to the end of the previous line, is 371 lines of code (an average of 6.87 lines of code for each app): http://re-bol.com/shortest_examples.r

posted by:   Nick       22-Apr-2017/22:10:39-7:00

Written descriptions of all the examples in this demo are at: http://re-bol.com/shorter_examples.txt

posted by:   Nick       4-May-2017/23:59:37-7:00

Really, any array oriented language can do a lot per loc. Things like For-Loops aren't even necessary in APL,J, KDB+/Q. I don't have much experience here, but have played with J & Dyalog-APL to a degree. I'd say if you just need to write an app to crunch some data, these languages will win hands down. However, if you need a GUI app or graphics or don't have a massive amount of time to teach yourself to think in this unusual manner, Rebol will win. Dyalog APL has a chart-wizard in the IDE/interpreter, but it could use some work and J has a lightweight library, but it wasn't super intuitive. Kdb+/Q costs a house mortgage per CPU, so all the awesomeness in the world can't help it outside of banks and other large institutions. So long story short, after years of searching through dozens of popular and niche languages, I'd say the array family wins in certain specific scenarios, but Rebol wins overall in simplicity, readability, learnibility, and whipupitude despite my ignorance of it overall. I haven't come across anything close to Nick's videos/sites afer years of looking for the perfect productivity tool.

posted by:   Newbius       13-May-2017/14:43:16-7:00

I'd like to see some Wolfram gurus recreate these apps. Wolfram code is often dramatically concise.

posted by:   Nick       15-May-2017/13:27:31-7:00

Also, these examples are now up as the main content of http://personal-programming.com (I'm curiously tinkering with new potential markets for Red...)

posted by:   Nick       15-May-2017/13:30:49-7:00