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I need to know whether the OpenME is a working script?
Also, can I use it in a peer-to-peer setup?

posted by:   Danie       12-May-2017/5:50:45-7:00

It was just a discussion. Nothing firm eventuated.

posted by:   Graham       12-May-2017/6:19:56-7:00

Hi Graeme. Thanks for the response.
I saw it in your Github account. Including BEER.
IS this the copy you are referring to?

posted by:   Danie       12-May-2017/7:07:17-7:00

Hi Danie, I did write a peer to peer setup using beer and it probably works but it wasn't widely acceptable to the community as they had loftier ideas!

posted by:   Graham       12-May-2017/16:17:44-7:00