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View Kiosk Mode

Is there a way to open a window in kiosk mode in full screen with limited access to the OS?

posted by:   keimor       3-May-2017/9:31:11-7:00

You can trap window close events (edit this code to completely disallow closing) and open your layout full screen::
insert-event-func [e: :event either e/type = 'close[if request"Really Quit?"[e]][e]]
view layout/tight [at 0x0 box system/view/screen-face/size white]
You can access the Windows API to trap other system features as needed.

posted by:   Nick       3-May-2017/9:45:59-7:00

Carl wrote a nice little power-point-like program using the above concept. Nick put the program into one of his tutorials and I have a copy but can't remember the exact link to where I found it. The basic concept is to 1) inquire as to what size monitor you are using, and then 2) generate and show a layout of that size.
R E B O L []
page-size: system/view/screen-face/size
view layout/tight [
     size page-size
     banner "Whole screen layout"
     button "Quit" [quit]

posted by:   Steven White       3-May-2017/12:55:47-7:00