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parse-string.r failing

I ran parse-string.r, available from the Rebol repository, with Rebol/View in the console; it returned only 'TEST FAILED should >> fail'.
Ran it as follows:
do/args %parse-string.r 'test 'abcdefghijklm'
Why did it return only the above output?

posted by:   Danie       15-Mar-2017/7:58:59-7:00

The author put this line at the end of the script to demonstrate a failed parse operation, and to show that all operations completed:
     ; fail a test to show the tests are running ;
     ??? 'should                    >> 'fail
     ; show the file is done ;
You could add a 'print' directly before each of the '???' demonstrations to see that they're running.

posted by:   Nick       15-Mar-2017/10:11:55-7:00

Thanks Nick. It's working fine.
I am looking for examples to point me towards replicating 'chatscript' written by Bruce Wilcox. It's 25000 LOC. Should be much more compact in Rebol.

posted by:   Danie       15-Mar-2017/12:11:16-7:00