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will there ever be a currentBrowser Plugin ?

will there ever be a current simple and easy Browser rebol Plug-in for anything but the antiquated IE ?
i want a simple working chrome/FF GUI example for parsing and running an external VLC for http://www.veetle.com/view/index.html#4acb6baced281 and the other channels found there for instance.
the operation is simple enough[PORT]/,[CHANNEL-ID] being the veetle IP servers that may change over time and channel-ID being the 4acb6baced281 in this case .
the local port you can find with netstat -b and ping www.veetle.com gets you their current IP. so the line to pass to that veetle session might become,4acb6baced281
only the :56043 changing per run, and 4acb6baced281 changing per channel

posted by:   annon2       19-May-2010/1:00:55-7:00

as you discover, vettle is the simplest and quickest way to set-up and start instant video/audio streaming, all you need is a browser, a web-cam and mobile device that can run the VLC veetle plug-in and You could be broadcasting rebol events tutorials and information within seconds.
its almost perfect for a cross platform rebol GUI to take advantage of and expand but for the lack of a rebol browser plug-in.

posted by:   annon2       19-May-2010/1:21:28-7:00

The plugin has been working great for me in all the versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera that I've tried:
Follow the instructions at:
I don't know that I'd trust it yet for production use, but I have heard that at least one company relies on it commercially. We use it internally at my music lesson business.
It's my understanding that development should be able to continue for R3 once the host kit is completed...
See the following additional links to get you started:

posted by:   Nick       19-May-2010/2:39:44-7:00

The plugin demo pages have not been updated to run in other browsers, and the docs at rebol.com still say that the plugin only works in IE, but that's not true. Here's the code that you'd use to run the Rebtris demo:
editor decompress #{

posted by:   Nick       19-May-2010/3:00:24-7:00

thanks for that Nick, and thanks for the feedback , i appreciate it.
however it seems it still needs some work as from a clean windows install, i cant even get the plug-in to install after requesting these url examples
XP SP3 "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3 ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729)" when i click on http://re-bol.com/plugin_test_mozilla.html# "click here to download plugin goes through the motions and finally reports "Firefox could not install the file at
because: Install script not found
chrome 5.0.375.38 beta is even worse , it doesn't even give you the option to download or install the plugin , a no clickable " No Plug-in Available for this content" is all that's reported
and OC there's No chrome rebol extensions as yet.

posted by:   annon2       19-May-2010/3:55:07-7:00

I followed the manual install instructions for Opera and Firefox at http://www.rebol.com/plugin/install.html

posted by:   Nick       19-May-2010/4:01:50-7:00

I just installed on a clean machine. Download:
For Opera 10.10 I unzipped the above files to:
C:\Program Files\Opera\program\plugins
For Firefox 3.5.6, I unzipped those same files to:
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins
Google Chrome was installed after Firefox, and apparently copied the plugins, because I didn't have to do anything - it just worked (perhaps you can run a manual import of Firefox settings).
Be sure to restart each browser after copying the plugin files.

posted by:   Nick       19-May-2010/4:24:19-7:00

It's not ideal without automatic installation, but downloading and unzipping takes just a few seconds. Of course, it may be just as fast and easy for users to download and install the REBOL interpreter and a .r script... (benefits of the plugin include interaction with the DOM - and my users at the music studio simply like working in the browser.)

posted by:   Nick       19-May-2010/4:36:04-7:00

I just searched my whole drive, and only found the files that I manually unzipped into the Opera and Firefox plugin folders - nothing in any folders related to Chrome. I'm not sure how the Chrome installation works, but for me it was automatic.

posted by:   Nick       19-May-2010/4:46:18-7:00

thanks again, that works for FF, i assume it will also work for chrome to as i manually copied these same dll to my Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\plugins dir
iv got lots of chrome pages open right now and cant afford a reset to bring them back up ;) but ill post back if i cant get that browser working too...
now for some reading on how to feed cli apps (vlc,ffmpeg,x264 etc)their command line from rebol and how to get their cli responses back to the rebol shell and displayed in a nice view window etc.

posted by:   annon2       19-May-2010/5:26:31-7:00

just to lets future readers know that manually putting those dll in the Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\plugins dir did the trick, the http://re-bol.com/plugin_test_mozilla.html page now displays the clickme button and opens the plugin is working window.
im having trouble finding any info as above on making a working rebol shell to cli app many commands and feeding that cli data back into a/several rebol view windows though, shame.

posted by:   annon2       19-May-2010/23:14:21-7:00

But ... the plugin version of REBOL ( does not support 'call :( There are some old hacks that could be used to gain access to the system shell (I used to use rebcall, but not sure if it can patch the plugin dll).

posted by:   Nick       20-May-2010/7:15:12-7:00

The plugin install seems not trivial: with firefox, under windows, I had to install it manually, using the dlls provided for opera! This done, it worked also for Google Chrome. The problem is that all the demos pages do not allow to work under Firefox or Opera. The source code should be actualized.

posted by:   Jocko       4-Jun-2010/1:44:26-7:00

Under Linux, I still do'nt see how to install the plugin for Firefox

posted by:   Jocko       4-Jun-2010/1:46:39-7:00

The DLLs only work in Windows (perhaps in Wine, but that defeats the purpose...)

posted by:   Nick       4-Jun-2010/8:18:47-7:00

One of the great benefits of REBOL is that it's so tiny and quick to setup. I would assume that most Linux users are savvy and capable enough to download the few hundred K REBOL executable and start a script. In fact, in most cases that's much faster and less buggy then downloading and installing even the Flash plugin, restarting the browser, returning to the desired web page, etc. - and in terms of download size and simplicity of installation, there's no comparison with Java or most other plugins.

posted by:   Nick       4-Jun-2010/8:59:35-7:00

Don't waste your time with the plugin.. any Rebol developer worth their salt will tell you this.
From the plugin site..
"Note: The current version of REBOL/Plugin is beta-7. It runs only on Windows x86 systems at this time.
The purpose of this release is to provide a prototype for testing and user comments. This is not a secure prototype. Please do not make assumptions regarding security when executing unknown REBOL scripts over the Internet.
Use this prototype at your own risk."
Maybe one day this will be fixed, but like everything else, don't hold your breath.

posted by:   Yuri       1-Sep-2010/3:43-7:00