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Rebol object hierarchy

What is a convenient way to inspect face properties?
When I use probe or source I get one gazillion lines.
? truncates the object property set listing.
How to browse the entire Rebol object hierarchy?

posted by:   OneArb     25-Feb-2017/11:07:08-8:00

Try using dump-face.
lo: layout [ btn "click me" label "a label" panel [btn "click me too"]]
dump-face lo
Style: none Offset: 50x50 Size: 112x119 Text: none
     Style: btn Offset: 20x20 Size: 54x22 Text: click me
     Style: label Offset: 20x50 Size: 43x19 Text: a label
     Style: panel Offset: 20x77 Size: 72x22 Text: none
         Style: btn Offset: 0x0 Size: 72x22 Text: click me too

posted by:   Sunanda     25-Feb-2017/12:18:14-8:00

Romano's object browser was what we used to use

posted by:   Graham     25-Feb-2017/15:26:58-8:00

dump-face goes into my toolbox.

posted by:   OneArb     26-Feb-2017/11:22:49-8:00

dump-face goes into my toolbox.

posted by:   OneArb     26-Feb-2017/11:46:24-8:00

Why used? It does crash some.

posted by:   OneArb     26-Feb-2017/11:48:10-8:00

Used to since don't use Rebol2 these days.

posted by:   Graham     26-Feb-2017/22:09:14-8:00