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Is a totally custom GUI possible?

For example I want to create my own version of windows notepad but without the window border. Do I need a separate plugin, can I do it myself from scratch or can I just modify existing components from VID and the like? That's just one example but in general how does one go about creating/modifying components with 100% freedom?

posted by:   adam16ster     6-Feb-2017/14:00-8:00

Every property of every GUI widget can be altered as you see fit. Years ago, Nenad created a Windows 98 'skin' that recreated the look of the then current Windows OS. No one has cared enough to make any new skins like that, but it's possible if you have the artistic drive.

posted by:   Nick     6-Feb-2017/14:07:34-8:00

I've looked but can't find how to create the gui I want. I've seen some of the themes out there but hasn't helped me. I'm essentially trying to recreate the Windows Sticky Notes gui that has no Windows border frame (with the minimize, maximize, close buttons). From there I think I can figure out how to add things like a menu that appears if cursor hovers over a 'hotspot' in top-right corner, etc.

posted by:   adam16ster     13-Feb-2017/9:16:32-8:00

Transparency is something I'd like to incorporate as well. It seems I'll have to use the GOB object for this project.

posted by:   adam16ster     13-Feb-2017/9:20:01-8:00

view/options layout [
     size 400x200 btn "Close"[unview]
][no-title resize]
You're going to need to add event handlers to move the window around the screen.

posted by:   Nick     13-Feb-2017/10:25:14-8:00