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Red and AutoIt

Red compiled GUIs are natively compiled versions. Can I automate the GUI with AutoIt dll embedded in Red? Library function not available?
How then to enable AutoIt access from Red? I am looking for maximum functionality.
Also, how much automation is possible strictly from Red wrt other Windows GUI applications?

posted by:   Danie       8-Feb-2017/3:13-8:00

You have to create a wrapper to your AutoIT library using Red/System (R/S). You can find R/S documentation here: http://static.red-lang.org/red-system-specs.html#section-15
You can't directly load .dll in R/S nor Red itself yet, though it is a planned feature for next releases. But - you can do it using R/S just fine imo ...

posted by:   -pekr-       8-Feb-2017/4:07:48-8:00