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Links broken in http://learnrebol.com/rebol3_book.html

Links broken in http://learnrebol.com/rebol3_book.html
@ Here's a little web chat app running at http://learnrebol.com/chat.cgi:
Results are '** Internal error: not enough memory ** Where: dehex do either either either -apply- ** Near: dehex copy read/string url print rejoin [ ''
Section 2.0
Section 2.2
Section 3.1
There's a few more broken in section 1. sentence '...Compare this code to C++, Visual Basic, or even the simplest possible RFO Basic example...' but they're not really as important as the links to the actual R3 software itself. I know your busy but you might not have known they had changed. Thank you for writing the tutorial.

posted by:   Sam the Truck, formally Sam       6-Jan-2017/17:35:46-8:00

Thanks Sam. The little chat app has gotten overrun with spam too many times, and I expect any attempt to beat that will continue to be attacked, so that one will have to be imagined...
Saphirion's web site appears to be down. I'll post some alternative download links.

posted by:   Nick       7-Jan-2017/20:31:33-8:00

I had put an old copy of their docs and the Android apk here:    
I don't think they've changed since those downloads.

posted by:   Nick       7-Jan-2017/20:43:24-8:00


posted by:   Sam       23-Jan-2017/2:09:51-8:00