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Rebol Etsy

Tried to follow the etsy rebol tutorial and I am stuck as the first hurdle. Entered my etsy keys and username in but keep get this error.
User Error: Handshake Response does not contain Login URL
Any ideas?

posted by:   John Dee     12-Jan-2017/10:55:49-8:00

Hm, that doesn't sound good. Looks as if there's been a few changes to the Etsy API since this script was published, the most significant would appear to be an HTTPS requirement.
If you're using Rebol/View, you might get away with switching out all the Etsy urls to HTTPS in the hopes that it still works. I do have a fix for Rebol/Core, but it requires cURL (and I haven't quite finished it yet).

posted by:   Chris     12-Jan-2017/23:43:04-8:00

Thanks for looking at this Chris - it's been a while since I looked through that tutorial.

posted by:   Nick     13-Jan-2017/14:13:08-8:00