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Developing a Red app in an Android environment

Hi Nick, I 've read in this forum several posts by you introducing tools for mobile and mobile/server programming. I thought I read one describing the use of Red complete with a code editor recommendation. Or did I dream it?

posted by:   Brother Damian       27-Dec-2016/5:36:58-8:00

I think you mean http://rebolforum.com/index.cgi?f=printtopic&permalink=Nick5-Sep-2015/10:15:24-7:00&archiveflag=new

posted by:   iArnold       27-Dec-2016/7:14:35-8:00

Thanks for the recommendation. I am aware of this tutorial and had re-visited recently when I was looking for this other tutorial that I remember. But is not the one I am trying to locate.
If memory serves me right, the tutorial I remember is mostly about having Red in the tablet/phone, editing code in a text/code editor in the same tablet/phone and then compiling and running the app (in the same tablet/phone); debug and repeat.
Nick had recommend the tools for this (being lightweight and modern) and provided examples of production cycles.
Then again, I could be wrong and the tutorial was for Rebol 3 or some other tool.
Note aside, with so many excellent contributions made by Nick, would it make sense to have all links of the tutorials in one central document?
In any event,thanks to you and Nick all the people that so generously promote Rebol and Red.

posted by:   Brother Damian       27-Dec-2016/16:55:43-8:00

I think the closest text to that description is http://learnrebol.com/

posted by:   Nick       28-Dec-2016/19:14:01-8:00

That was for the Saphir Android version of R3, not for Red.

posted by:   Nick       28-Dec-2016/22:31:32-8:00

BTW, with the advent of light weight full Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 tablet PCs (certain models such as HP Stream even with 4G wireless) with USB micro power, for less than $75, my need for anything more than R2 has diminished basically to zero. I do use the Saphir version for scripting on my phone - it's really handy, I love it for personal use, but for any serious work with Rebol these days, I've gone to using R2 on desktop. If I need to support any other platforms, until Doc has gotten Red on every OS, I'll use Livecode or whatever other tool is best suited for the job. (I do like Livecode - not as much as Rebol for most things I do, but it's very useful and productive for cross platform GUI work).

posted by:   Nick       28-Dec-2016/22:49:33-8:00

Thank you Nick for the link and for you insight on using Rebol and Red on mobile platforms

posted by:   Brother Damian       30-Dec-2016/20:20:56-8:00