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JSID dialect - Who is the developer?

Which 'Bo' is the originator of JSID? From what I can gather, there are more than one person called 'Bo'.
What is the status of JSID at the moment?

posted by:   Danie Geyser       15-Nov-2016/12:15:10-8:00

respectech bo

posted by:   Graham       15-Nov-2016/14:00:24-8:00

Thanks Graham, for responding. Anybody using JSID?

posted by:   Danie Geyser       16-Nov-2016/3:17:29-8:00

There’s only one Bo, Bohdan Lechnowsky from RespectTech.

posted by:   rebolek       16-Nov-2016/17:07:11-8:00