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I cannot get the red console

i downloaded the red-061.exe from the red site , then I run it , it does not give me a red console.
my machine is using windows 10.
this is to shwo that it is really in my folder
10/25/2016 09:29 AM         968,539 red-061.exe
                 1 File(s)        968,539 bytes
                 2 Dir(s) 100,927,209,472 bytes free
NOw I type red-061.exe and press enter
I only get this, no RED console

posted by:   RED       27-Oct-2016/22:52:37-7:00

red-061.exe should build an executable, either for console or GUI mode:
I have:
     C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Red

posted by:   Scureuil       2-Nov-2016/11:26:59-7:00

thanks for your reply Scureuil. Sorry I did not update this post here in time to say this was resolved. I got help from a few people on the Red forum, and was able to run the exe.

posted by:   red       5-Nov-2016/21:32:29-7:00