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Speed up Rebol 2 performance for video games?

Currently is Rebol 2 very slow at drawing gaphics on the screen. Its performance is almost like old BASIC when it hardly draw single moving rectangle on full screen and its already bit choppy. Is there ease way how to make Rebol much faster so it can handle drawing graphics at full screen in no time for full feature 2D games at 60fps in absolute smoothness or even better for 3D games too? If not is out there language with sufficient performance to handle video games smoothly and has similar very concise syntax like Rebol that means highly readable and very terse for quick game development? Would you recommend Rebol for game development and whats its pros and cons for game development?

posted by:   Peter Cernuska     10-Oct-2016/7:19:40-7:00

Are you using VID dialect or 'draw dialect to draw?

posted by:   Nick     10-Oct-2016/15:50:21-7:00

It depends what kind of game, the level of interactivity, complexity of rendering.
Based on what I've seen, Rebol would not be in my top choices for developing advanced games. Olivier Auverlot's book (translated into English) covers a few topics that might help you out should you choose rebol for your project:

posted by:   Edoc     10-Oct-2016/18:27:24-7:00

Take a look at Clickteam Fusion and other similar tools such as GDevelop (open source) and Construct. Fusion has been around for decades and it's been used to create many successful commercial games, including Five Nights at Freddy's (you just missed an incredible Fusion Humble Bundle for $15). It's very easy to learn, and can produce executables for most common platforms including desktop, web, and mobile. There are many other game development tools and libraries which are optimized to specifically handle the many styles of game play found in most common varieties of game styles (i.e., easily handle the sorts of activities which occur in platformers, side scrollers, etc.).
If you want to get started with 3D, take a look at Coppercube. It's also easy to begin with, and produces output which runs on many platforms.
There have been a few efforts to produce game libraries for Rebol, mostly by Cyphre. He created a parallax game engine, a ray casting engine, some arcade graphics games (including a few which demonstrated the use of Rebcode for fast graphic processing), etc. Beyond that, there isn't any deep work in Rebol for game development. For simple puzzle games, Rebol is great. I've made a few examples in various tutorials.

posted by:   Nick     21-Oct-2016/8:25:15-7:00