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Mysql Server Connection Problem in Cheyenne

I am new to Rebol. I downloaded Cheyenne Server.
After Downloading Mysql-protocol.r and changing the config file i restarted the Cheyenne server.
When I try to execute do-sql command i am getting a error no 1043 'Bad Handshake' message.
I am running on Windows 10. Antivirus and firewall settings are OK. What am I missing?

posted by:   Harikrishna       6-Oct-2016/6:33:36-7:00

Your MySQL server is probably too recent for that MySQL client. Try it with this more recent version: http://softinnov.org/tmp/mysql-protocol-41.r

posted by:   Anon       6-Oct-2016/7:04:27-7:00

Thanks. It has worked.    

posted by:   Harikrishna       7-Oct-2016/3:22:54-7:00