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Looking for working Steganography script

Hi all. I am on the lookout for a script to accomplish the above mentioned - hiding of text in images.
And any cost involved?

posted by:   Danie     17-Feb-2016/10:08:54-8:00

There's a working script here:    
I uncommented the necessary lines here:
There are some more examples and explanation here:

posted by:   Nick     17-Feb-2016/12:14:38-8:00

Thanks for the speedy response, Nick. Your effort and input are appreciated.

posted by:   Danie     18-Feb-2016/1:22:25-8:00

Anyone perhaps know how I can get hold of Dirk Weyand. His site is in German - tgd-consulting.de.
On rebol.org a search for his script only returns 2 results.
The script "SteganoIt.r" needs a license key for commercial use. I've tried "steganography.r" on the created white image block. Its visible, whereas with Dirks' script a 2k text file does not show anything.
By the way, anyone care to tell me why it is so, apart from a better algorithm or more elaborate code.

posted by:   Danie     19-Feb-2016/1:22:48-8:00

@Danie: The changes to the image done by the algorithm of Stegano-It! are still visible, but not for human eyes;-). You have to compare the origin with the encoded image by software to see the different pixels.
I also add a randomized "noise" to the original image before encoding the message. So it is not too obvious which pixels are the "hot" ones.    
By the way, are you still interested in licensing Stegano-It!? Or is payment/money-transfer from South Africa -> Germany to expensive for you?

posted by:   TGD     28-Sep-2016/3:51:12-7:00