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help: vanilla wiki admin password reset

gack. I've done this about 6 times, and never bothered to save the instructions, and now can't find them anywhere. Forgot my admin password, need to reset it. pleh!

posted by:   codevark       17-Aug-2016/15:02:35-7:00


posted by:   codevark       29-Aug-2016/16:35:55-7:00

Ah.. figured it out. For future reference, rename or delete 0.user, and edit user.max to contain -1.
Reload the page, and vanilla will want you to create a master user just as it did when you first set up the space.

posted by:   codevark       30-Aug-2016/9:32:37-7:00

codevark, can you elaborate on the link this has to Rebol?

posted by:   A       31-Aug-2016/2:38:26-7:00

Vanilla is a blog/wiki engine written in Rebol.

posted by:   Chris       20-Sep-2016/22:15:05-7:00