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Red 0.6.0 released

This is a great peak into what Red will become. We still need lots of features implemented, and support on many more platforms (next will be full Android implementation, then Mac, Linux, iOS, HTML/Javascript...), but this release demonstrates that Doc and others involved are getting things done. I am so very excited to see this progress :)

posted by:   Nick       26-Mar-2016/8:12:13-7:00

Thanks for this update, and thanks go out to the team working so hard to make Red the next generation of Rebol.
I just started working on a significant personal project right now-- one which ought to spark some interest in the rebol family line. I'll be interested to see how Red differs from Rebol 3 at this stage. If the timing is right, I'll make the switch to Red as the default platform for this project.

posted by:   Edoc       26-Mar-2016/10:53:43-7:00

Just downloaded Red for the first time, and I've been playing around with the examples. Verrrry excited about this already.

posted by:   Edoc       26-Mar-2016/11:36:42-7:00

version 0.7.0 should really start becoming much more useful

posted by:   Nick       26-Mar-2016/20:34:44-7:00

This is really impressive.

posted by:   Sam       15-Apr-2016/22:11:55-7:00

New to Red/Rebol. I noticed that I cannot compile a script with "ask". -->Compilation Error: undefined work ask. It works in the both Red & Rebol console.

posted by:   RonG       4-May-2016/9:55:56-7:00

@RonG `ask` is not available in the standard library (for now), you need to manually include it (you need to download the Red sources):
Red []
#include %environment/console/input.red
...your code...
For questions about Red, if you want faster replies you should join the community on https://gitter.im/red/red or subscribe to our mailing-list: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!forum/red-lang

posted by:   DocKimbel       14-May-2016/3:48:43-7:00

You need to get date! done, Gonad. You must get your priorities straight. date! Is more important than anything you are working upon right now.

posted by:   Waldo Lure       23-Aug-2016/2:39:09-7:00

Any idea as to the expected release date of the next release? Progress seems to be in vacation mods.

posted by:   Tangle teaser       31-Aug-2016/2:40:42-7:00

No idea here. Doc might be travelling in these days, most probably to get some idea/negotiation for Red. In the meantime, OS-X GUI backend is progressing nicely - 61 out of 73 tasks are completed and there seems to be a daily progress.

posted by:   -pekr-       6-Sep-2016/3:29:01-7:00