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Ubuntu 14.04 install/rub problem

I downloaded robol, extracted it. Clicked on it in my desktop directory. Conformed the execute attribute is on. No response. Right-clicked, clicked on execute no response.
read somewhere that it does not work in graphic mode in Linux. Opened a console (one), executed ./robol at the command line. Got the following
user error: Bad face in pane!
near: size-text self

posted by:   John Sowden       8-Aug-2016/15:33:29-7:00

Hello John,
That is one of the nice features of Robol.
Take a look at this article. http://www.rebol.com/article/0545.html
Carl promises here to take care of this and other annoying features...
That is about the help you can get on this as far as I know of.

posted by:   Arnold       8-Aug-2016/15:59:58-7:00

After some googlin' I found rebol-
Downloaded it installed it. went fine. I am surprised that, since Ubuntu is the most popular distro in the world, that the .deb file is not in the download section. A very polished looking user interface.

posted by:   John Sowden       8-Aug-2016/18:54:40-7:00