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exists? http://rebol.com not for the past 24 hours at least. Has it vanished?

posted by:   Diago       26-Jul-2016/1:07:16-7:00

Nah, this happens every now and then. One can assume that Rebol.com is not very actively managed, or at least there are periods of time where the site is not tended to. This is one of those times. After a few days, the relevent people are made aware and things are restored to their previous available state. I'd bet that the site will be back up this week -- until then, Google Cache is your friend.

posted by:   Edoc       26-Jul-2016/12:26:48-7:00

1st of August and still down...
Can someone call the 'rebol.com' admin to let him/her know the issue ?
Holidays, holidays.... ;)

posted by:   Malko       31-Jul-2016/18:34:46-7:00

Rumour has it that Carl has been made aware. Not sure what the hold-up is at this point, but hopefully the site will be restored soon.

posted by:   Edoc       2-Aug-2016/13:28:08-7:00

The sites are back online as of today.

posted by:   Edoc       3-Aug-2016/13:38-7:00

Its not my site of course, so I ought to pull my head in maybe. But, if it were my site, I'd be tempted make Rebol.com a com-merical site, offering things for sale only. Rebol.org & Rebol.net could handle all the documentation, community, etc.
Point being an online shop would allow people to support writers like Nick and C.S. hiself by buying their products. We can't all afford the higher price items, but, with different price points for different items, more people would support Rebol.
If given the chance to buy say Rebol/View for lets just say a token $5, I would. There could always be a slightly less feature rich free version too.

posted by:   Al       3-Aug-2016/20:23:45-7:00