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Mathematical Applications

Not finding much in the way of mathematical applications in Red !
- don't exist ?
- can't exist ?
- do exist but not where I look ? :-)        

posted by:   Rohan McLeod     7-Jul-2016/10:13:38-7:00

What do you expect of a language that is in development? Red is general purpose, there has been a release of a tiny MATH library just recently in the commits, so not in official release. There are math functions sin cos tan and some more, but there is a lot of room for improvement, just because there is so much other important stuff to implement.
If you look for a Rebol like language that is especially focussed on scientific use, you should take a look at world-lang.org The blog there is old but the sourcecode has been recently been upgraded with a lot of functionality.

posted by:   Arnold     8-Jul-2016/16:16:26-7:00

Yes thats right ,
you can trust the words of this programmer.
Dangerous coder

posted by:   Zabo     29-Jul-2016/14:17:36-7:00