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Rebol 3

Which Rebol 3 implementation do you use?

posted by:   Jonas     17-Jul-2016/13:35:41-7:00

I've use the Android release from Saphirion the most. I still use mostly R2 on desktop and server, although have a few R3 server scripts running on Linux shared hosts. If you want to use R3 on desktop, be sure to look at the Atronix versions.

posted by:   Nick     17-Jul-2016/20:09-7:00

Nick, do you develop with Rebol on Android? I will use R3 mostly on server. Which implementation is recommended for using on servers?

posted by:   Jonas     17-Jul-2016/20:17:57-7:00

Where can I find the Android release from Saphirion? On their website, there is only a .exe to download.

posted by:   Jonas     17-Jul-2016/20:25:07-7:00

I only found "http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/builds/". Are these the latest releases?

posted by:   Jonas     17-Jul-2016/20:27:04-7:00

At the link you posted, click the Android folder and download r3-droid.apk . I use the Android version mostly for utility scripts. Saphirion does have an encapper to create stand alone Android APK files, but they never released it publicly.

posted by:   Nick     19-Jul-2016/11:06:11-7:00

May I ask again: What is the best Rebol 3 implementation for server/command applications?

posted by:   Jonas     21-Jul-2016/16:56:09-7:00

I'm not the best person to ask about R3 on server. For critical apps, I prefer R2. You can try a variety of /Core versions from links which originate at http://r3al.org/download-rebol3.html
I don't think there's much difference between those Core versions. One core version which has split away from the mainline versions is by Hostile Fork: http://blog.hostilefork.com/rebol-state-union-june-2015/ (not sure if he even has CGI capabilities in that version - he was working on some fundamental language and source file cleanups...)

posted by:   Nick     22-Jul-2016/21:13:24-7:00